"After trying to gain record company support, Leigh decided to make it happen himself by gathering together his musician friends and writing, producing and singing this Christmas song. The video was filmed at the fantastic Blists Hill Victorian Town at Ironbridge in Shropshire. It features the skills of top director Nick Bartleet and Cinematographer John Perez (known for his work on Coldplay's Viva La Vida, Beyoncé and many other productions). You can help spread some Christmas magic by spreading the word - thanks for your support and best wishes for Christmas 2016!"

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By Thursday, November 3, 2016

On Oct. 25, I witnessed an event at the House of Lords (the upper house of the Parliament of the United Kingdom) in which the Jews who died during the Holocaust were staggeringly held accountable for their own fate.

While public meetings of this kind are typically innocuous enough, this one was different. The event at the Palace of Westminster was put together by the Palestine Return Center, a United Kingdom-based non-government organization that focuses on Palestinian refugees. It was hosted by Baroness Jenny Tonge, a life peer in the House of Lords and (at the time) a member of the Liberal Democrat Party. She resigned soon after because of massive worldwide criticism of the event and of her apathy. Tonge is no stranger to controversy about the land of Israel. During the past 12 years, she has been rebuked and sanctioned several times because of her comments about the issue. After Israel sent medical help following a disaster in Haiti, she was linked to claims that the Jewish people had taken that opportunity to harvest organs.

The Word:  Moshe (Moses) led Isra’el onward from the Sea of Suf. They went out into the Shur Desert; but after traveling three days in the desert, they had found no water. They arrived at Marah but couldn’t drink the water there, because it was bitter.

“Foundations at Belsey Bridge was the place to be to have a taste of the Hebraic church. So many expressions of worship as the freedom in the Spirit was so tangible and pure, we could really sense God smiling over us. Although nobody else attended the bible reading session led by us, it felt as though we were meant to be there on our own. We had the privilege to sing scriptures!!We sang alternating the Psalms and in different tunes! We were very blessed by that special time Our Abba reserved for the two of us... I (Keila) particularly, was moved by the time we had in the prayer walk with Rosie and Ginnie. All the prophetic acts,reading of scripture and blowing of the shofar, it all worked together to remind us that we are in a battlefield. By the way my shoulders (Keila) are healed!!! Hallelujah!! The pain is gone, thank you, David and Judith for the prayers!” (Keila & David.)

“I think it was really valuable to have prayer specifically for healing and hope that Foundations can see this aspect of our work grow. FYI you will recall that Joyce has suffered really depleted in energy levels for some months and we have no obvious ‘reason’, beyond the after effects of her treatment in 2013. She was prayed for, at Foundations Anglia, specifically for this energy issue and praise God! Her energy levels have risen - she appears to be over this particular issue. Again we can only thank the Lord for this deliverance.” (Peter)

“What an incredible presence of the Holy Spirit from the moment we arrived.  It is so precious to witness what the Lord is doing with the ministry and a huge privilege to be part of this new move of God which really does seem to be ‘ for such a time as this’. In agreement with so many others, the freedom and  unity of spirit was unlike anything I have experienced and an overwhelming spirit of joy filled every aspect of each day.  The work behind the scenes before  and during the weekend I know was  massive but  because it was done with such love ,there was never any sense of anyone being rushed off their feet – the joy and peace came from the top down (however you might have felt) and pervaded the whole event.  Thanks to you all with a very special mention of Jo, who at every possible moment led us with such sensitivity  into the presence of Jesus  with the sole purpose of seeing Him and Him alone magnified and glorified.  And everyone responded in oneness of heart and spirit. What an incredible gift. What a privilege to be there. For me personally, I was really  exhausted before we arrived and was wondering how I would cope with it all,but by the end of Sunday The Lord had refreshed me in  what could only have been a supernatural way.  One afternoon I got chatting and sharing with a  lovely lady called Susanna..... she was sharing her testimony about how Jesus had healed her back.  I felt a nudge from the Lord to ask her if she had faith to pray for me as my back has been bad for a loooong time  now.  She was very willing, prayed a short prayer and I have to say that the improvement has been HUGE – and I am believing for total on going and complete  healing. How good is our God. (Sarah)


Published on 3 Nov 2015
A re-imagining of the prophet Daniel in a 1940's Film Noir parody.


“There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death” (Proverbs 16:25)

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The Word:  Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet My unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor My covenant of peace be removed,’ says the Lord, who has compassion on you.