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Chris Hill has been a preacher and Bible Teacher for over fifty years. His ministry has taken him and Lindy to many parts of Britain and overseas, where he has spoken at churches, conferences and meeting halls of many sorts and sizes! His ministry has always focused on the Bible and he believes that there is a crying need for faithful exposition of God's Word today as (perhaps) never before.

Christians must understand the vital need to live by God's Word in the power of His Holy Spirit. Chris's preaching provides a great deal of Hebrew background to the New Testament. This is made possible through his theological training and frequent visits to Israel. Chris and Lindy have led ninety five Bible tours of Israel. Further tours are planned for 2016 and 2017. Ministers responsible for churches are often so stretched that they have little time to prepare in-depth Bible exposition and Chris believes this is where he can contribute to their own ministry as he stands alongside them. Preparing believers for coming tough times is a priority and Chris Hill sees his contribution to this as being the revelation of the glory of Jesus. Revelation of the joy ahead strengthens us to stand through evil days.

Chris was trained at Tyndale Hall theological College in Bristol, has pastored several churches, was Principal of Christian Life Bible College in London for several year, resident Bible Teacher at Pilgrims Hall in Essex and finally at Mulberry House in Essex. Chris's ministry today as an itinerant preacher/teacher takes him and Lindy far and wide, bringing the Word of the Lord to those who invite them. As the future beckons they are ready to respond to invitations to teach at Day Seminars, where people from a surrounding area can gather. Distance and size of gathering is not an issue.



The primary indicators which Paul presented to his readers to show that the return of Jesus the Messiah is near are recorded in 2 Thessalonians 2:3, “Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed …”.

In the Authorised Version of the Bible the Greek word ‘apostasis’ (rebellion) is rendered as “falling away”.  It is the more accurate translation.  We may ask, “Falling away from what?”  To which the obvious answer is, “From God’s pure Word.” Is it not one of the clearest features of the End Time churches that the Bible has been marginalized even amongst many people calling themselves ‘Evangelical’?

The second indicator described by Paul is the revealing of the man of sin, the son of perdition.  Modern translations refer to this person as the man of lawlessness, or the Antichrist who will usurp the authority of God, exalt himself and even claim to be Almighty God Himself!

Again we have to admit that the world is in such a mess that the stage is set for a false “Messiah” to step forward onto the world stage: a person who will promise peace and prosperity in exchange for absolute control.  The international scene is being set.


In the light of these prophesied signs, what should be the response of believers in Jesus who are determined to be Overcomers: those who are committed to standing firm in their faith in spite of terrible and ungodly pressures?  Surely we need to be prepared by Jesus. He has not left us without power to stand in the evil day: but we must surely allow the Holy Spirit to mould us by the written Word.  We are without doubt the sons of the living God: but without a genuine commitment to personal change we will not be ready.  We need to heed the word of Mordecai to Queen Esther, “And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?”   

Chris Hill – a well regarded Bible Teacher of many years standing – sees it as his solemn duty to proclaim the unequivocal Word of the Lord to all who will listen and to prepare them for the coming evil days that will herald the Lord’s appearing in glory.  The joys that await us are truly astonishing, but first we must be prepared to face suffering and great opposition.  Chris’ wife, Lindy, stands alongside him in this calling.

Chris’ ministry spans fifty years during which time he has pastored churches, led the Bible teaching ministry in two major training centres and been Principal of a Bible College in London.  Chris and Lindy have led nearly 100 Bible tours of Israel.  Such combined experience enables Chris to teach and preach at great depth.


The true preparation of Overcomers  is to feed properly in the Word of God and to be empowered by the Holy Spirit.  Chris and Lindy Hill believe they have a calling to travel and proclaim God’s Word of life whenever and wherever they are given the opportunity.

This is where you come in.  We believe Chris should offer himself to groups of believers around the country to provide opportunity for in-depth exposition of the Scriptures and to present it in a prophetic manner, emphasizing “Thus says the Lord!”  This is not merely objective teaching, but a genuine seeking for and delivering the “now word” of the Lord, anchored in the Bible.

Chris and Lindy sense that they are being led to visit areas to conduct whole-day seminars (three teaching sessions straddling lunch) on matters that will prepare us all for the future glory and for the tough times preceding it. 

For some people a Saturday would be preferable, but for others a weekday might be better.  Whatever the day, the content would be the same: preparation for the future through exposition of the Scriptures.

The purpose of this leaflet is simply to offer this ministry to you and to your friends.  Does it resonate with you?  If it does, seek the Lord as to how you should respond. 

As to cost, it is important to recognise the Lord’s word through Paul in 1Timothy 5:18, “The worker deserves his wages”, whilst at the same time not peddling the Word.  Our modest suggestion is a minimum payment of £5.00 per person for the whole day comprising three teaching sessions, each lasting for 75 minutes, with attenders bringing a packed lunch and drink.  This figure will include Chris and Lindy’s transport costs.  They believe this is a fair and reasonable approach. 

Chris and Lindy will also require hospitality for the nights immediately before and after the event.

You will be expected to provide a meeting room, publicise the event in your area, throwing the net as widely as possible. The event will also feature in the C L Ministries Website including contact details and a map.

If the Lord is in this initiative, you will have a witness in your spirit about it.  If you feel you are led to set up such a day-seminar, please let us know and we can discuss the whole matter with you.

May the Lord bless you.


Upcoming engagements

03/04/2017 to 07/04/2017

Grange-over-Sands LA11 7BG


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