Supporting CL Ministries

Chris & Lindy Hill are members of their local church, but ever since Chris responded to God’s call to be a travelling preacher & teacher, he has declined invitations to be a local church Pastor. Chris and Lindy are funded through the generosity of supporters and by churches and conference organisers that engage Chris to speak. The profit from sale of publications is low because the Hills have a policy of keeping their prices to a minimum so that the message can reach more people.

Friends. A small team meets regularly to pray with Chris and Lindy and to share in discerning the Lord’s way ahead for C L Ministries. They believe it is important to be teachable and open to correction from one another as they seek to follow God’s will at a time when there is plenty of deception around.

How you can help. We greatly appreciate help in various ways:

Prayer. Please pray for each meeting in the Programme, and that God will lead us both in teaching and production of Publications to produce just what is needed at the right time.

Tell others. About our meetings, publications – and this Website!

Practical help. We are most grateful for those who help in practical ways: in the office and elsewhere. So often we find that God prompts someone to help in a particular way, just at the right time. This is how our books have been proof-read, and this Website designed & built. When our Photocopier wore out, God led a generous friend to donate the cost of a replacement.

Donations. We acknowledge all donations. Cheques should be made payable to "C L Ministries": see below for address.

Tax-efficient giving. For those who pay UK Income Tax, we recommend methods of giving to Christian work (not just ours) which enable Tax to be reclaimed and hence the value of the gift increased.

Stewardship, a Christian charity which supports many churches, Christian charities and workers, have approved a fund for the support of our ministry ( If you want to support the ministry you can give to Stewardship, for our fund, and if you are a UK taxpayer as a registered charity Stewardship would be able to recover Gift Aid on your giving to them. This can increase the size of your gift by 25%. Donations for the work not passed through Stewardship may be sent to: C L Ministries, 28 Thorney Road, Capel St Mary, Ipswich IP9 2LH UK.

Phone/Fax (01473) 311128. If dialing from outside UK (+44 1473) 311128